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How to Care for FR Clothing?-Keep Them for Longer

Time:2022/01/22 15:12:21

Many people don't care much about the washing and maintenance of flame retardant clothing and even don't care for their clothing very often. FR Garments is likely to get stained during the course of work, and these stains can burn when they encounter fire and cause injury to the wearers. Therefore, it is very important to wash Flame Retardant Clothing. If you want your clothing to last a long time so they can continue keeping you safe on the job, then you must wash your workwear in the right way.
To ensure the Flame Resistant properties of your clothing and to protect your safety, please refer to the following information for proper care of your FR Workwear:
First, please refer to the wash label on the garment. Follow the instructions on the label for routine care of FR Garments.
Wash FR Garments separately from Non-FR Garments to avoid damaging the flame retardant properties.
Washing temperature should be controlled below 60ºC to prevent excessive shrinkage of clothing.
Do not use chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, detergents containing hydrogen peroxide chemicals or other non-detergents.
Avoid direct sunlight exposure after washing, natural drying or machine drying, and the drying temperature must be below 70°C.





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