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Flame-Resistant Clothing? Flame-Retardant Clothing? What are the Differences Between Them?

Time:2022/01/21 14:12:14

FR garments are an important safety item for workers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, power industry and etc.. FR clothing refers to any garments that are specifically designed to protect the wearers from flames and thermal injury.
FR Clothing is considered the simplified form for Flame-Resistant Clothing and Flame-Retardant Clothing.
Flame-Resistant Clothing and Flame-Retardant Clothing, are they exactly the same? You might assume these two phrases as synonyms. The truth is, the two terms are not totally the same. 
Similarities between Flame-Resistant Clothing and Flame-Retardant Clothing
Both of them will self-extinguish after leaving the fire.
Both of them will protect the wearers and reduce the risk of thermal exposures from fire.
Differences between Flame-Resistant Clothing and Flame-Retardant Clothing
Flame-Resistant Clothing: Made of inherently Flame Resistant fabrics. Inherent FR fabrics are made of fibers that are innately flame resistant. The actual structure of the fiber itself is non-flammable; therefore, the fibers will naturally self-extinguisht. The flame resistant properties cannot be worn away or washed out.
Flame-Retardant Clothing: Made of treated FR fabrics. FR treated fabrics are 100%cotton, CVC, C/N and etc.. These fabrics get the self-extinguishing and slow-burning properties from the special chemical treatment applied to the fabric.





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